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Last updated on December 21st, 2022

Copywriting is an important process for a lot of businesses, but I’ve also seen some business owners either dismiss it or completely misunderstand what it is.

Some business owners take one look at the fact that only 20% of people read beyond the headline for content, and decide that it’s not worth spending hours writing content or spending the funds to hire someone else to write for them.

Best Software For Copywriters

However, copywriting is important because it covers a lot of different aspects of your business – and can be key in generating revenue for your company.

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So, whether you are a business owner who wants to start copywriting or a freelance copywriter looking for the right tools, you need the right tools to get the job done and do it well.

I have done a ton of research, tested tools myself, and created the below guide for all the best softwares for copywriters – so check it out, and I hope you find it helpful!

All About Copywriting

First, let me explain what copywriting exactly is.

I’ve met a lot of business owners who have the wrong idea on what copywriting actually is. Because of the name, they assume that it is all about copying someone else’s writing and using the same information as your own – but that’s not true.

What Is Copywriting?

Copywriting is a term used to refer to pieces of text that aim to sell or market a product, service, or business to an audience.

What this means is that everything from newspaper advertisements, scripts for commercial, social media and blog posts – these are all ‘copies’ and examples of copywriting.

So, there’s no plagiarism involved in copywriting. Instead, it’s a type of persuasive writing that businesses use to help sell their business and generate revenue.

Examples Of Copywriting

If you’re still not sure what copywriting actually is, then here are some examples of text businesses use that are the product of copywriting.

  • White Papers – White papers are an informative type of document that companies use to introduce, highlight, and promote their products or services. They present factual evidence in a persuasive way to help market that business and its products to potential clients, manufacturers, retailers, and more.
  • Content Writing – This example of copywriting is often under debate but according to the American Writers & Artists Institute, content writing is defined as a type of copywriting. Content writing includes blog posts, guides, and articles which can be uploaded to a business’s website to help with its SEO and help customers trust them as an authority in their respective field. 79% of businesses use content marketing, and as a result, copywriting is widely used here.
  • Product Descriptions – If you run an e-commerce website and you are trying to sell products or services to potential clients, then copywriting is used to create the product descriptions for each product or service. There are around 12 to 24 million online stores out there, all of which must use copywriting to produce their product descriptions.
  • Social Media – One of the top digital marketing strategies for small businesses is social media, with 67% admitting to using these platforms to help boost their business. Copywriting can be used to make persuasive social media posts to inform followers of new products, announce sales, or even boost a business’s reputation by thanking followers and customers. As a result, over 200 million brands use Facebook alone for marketing purposes – and each post is an example of copywriting.

These are just a few examples of the products of copywriting and there are many more out there including scripts for advertisements, slogans and campaign headlines, email marketing, direct mail marketing, and more.

Is Copywriting Important To Businesses?

I have written a whole other article on why copywriting is essential for businesses, so you can check that out if you want more information on why I think copywriting is so important.

However, here’s the quick run down – copywriting is basically a type of marketing that affects pretty much every word and text associated with your business.

From the social media posts you upload, to the headings used on your business’s website, copywriting helps make each and every word persuasive. This can have a huge impact on your business’s revenue.

As a marketer, I am always looking for great ways to help sell products, services, and branding to audiences – and copywriting is used in so many marketing strategies including email marketing, social media marketing, content marketing and more.

Businesses even use copywriting to make white papers, scripts for press releases, and more – so it’s incredibly rare to find a business that does not use any type of copywriting whatsoever.

As a result, your business will likely need some software or tools to help create the best possible copies. Whether it’s content for a social media post or a script for a press release to your potential clients and investors, copywriting plays into it all – and it’s a lot harder than it originally looks.

The Rules For Good Copywriting

The Rules For Good Copywriting

Because copywriting is all about convincing its readers to purchase a product or service through your business, it is vital that you get it right. Here are the most important areas to consider when writing any copies for your business.


In order to make your business look credible, you need to ensure that the copies you are producing are accurate.

This is especially true if you are working on a topic that you are unfamiliar with. Freelance copywriters jump from topic to topic and rely a lot on their research to make sure that the copies they are writing are correct and accurate.

The same goes for business owners who are trying to write their own copies – your information needs to be true and accurate.

If it’s not, your business’s reputation could be damaged as readers will lose their trust in you as an authoritative voice.

Keyword Research

A lot of businesses use copywriting to make content for their websites as 79% of companies use content marketing to generate leads, which in turn helps optimize their website to improve their search engine results page (SERP) rankings.

As a result, good copywriting needs to include a lot of important yet relevant keywords.

Keywords are vital for making optimized copies which are more competitive, reach a larger audience, and can help more people find your business.

So, before you even start writing, you need to use keyword research to find out what content you should be writing and what terms to use.


I mentioned earlier that only 20% of people read beyond the headline for online content but this just shows how important it is to get your headlines right!

There are lots of different factors to consider when creating the best possible headlines for your copies.

For example, according to Semrush, headlines with ten to thirteen words attract twice as much site traffic and increase shares when compared to those with less than seven words. Search engine keywords and trends can also influence your titles to reach a wider possible audience.


Readability is important when it comes to writing content and copies, but your audience will all be at different reading levels. Because of this, businesses need to take into consideration what reading ‘age’ they need their writing to be.

Using too much technical jargon (outside of the one or two terms) can make your copies feel more like a whitepaper and be really difficult for normal audiences to understand. So, writing a little bit simpler could be the key to your business reaching more and more people.

However, there is something else I’d like to note – making your copies too easy to read can sometimes backfire.

Not only does it sound more boring the younger your copies’ reading age is, but your audience may be expecting a higher reading level. This all depends on your audience and the content of your website

Grammar And Spelling

We’ve all been guilty of it – we’ve clicked on a website, read a piece of content that is littered with mistakes, so we lose our trust in the website and head back to the search results page. As a result, obvious spelling and grammar mistakes can potentially cost your business a lot of money.

One study also found that typos in Google Ads led to a decrease in clicks by up to 70% and that typos on landing pages increased the bounce rate by 85%. Clearly, spelling and grammatical errors can lead to visitors abandoning your website without ever converting into customers.

So, spelling and grammar are huge concerns for copywriters and businesses alike.

Outsourcing Copywriting – Should You Do It?

So, as you can see, copywriting is not as easy as it may originally seem.

It involves a lot of research to find out what keywords the copies should use, the style of address that best suits the target audience, and how complex or simplistic the copy should be to appeal to the right people.

It’s not just about writing – it’s about tailoring a specific piece of writing to have the best chance possible of convincing a potential customer into converting to an existing one.

This can be a big problem for a lot of businesses, specifically small businesses. Not a lot of people have the right skills to efficiently create effective copies for businesses, and as a result, 81% of outsourced marketing is made up by writing alone.

Copywriting is also outsourced for productivity reasons too.

Menial and repetitive tasks take up a quarter of every worker’s week (according to 40% of surveyed workers) which means that more and more businesses are looking to either automate or outsource parts of their business.

One study has found that 37% of small businesses outsource at least one business process – and one of those processes is copywriting. While 24% of small businesses use outsourcing to increase their efficiency, there is one factor that can hold them back – cost.

Although outsourcing can help reduce a company’s costs by 20% to 30%, it still requires a lump sum of money to hire it in the first place.

For small businesses, this lump sum of money may not be available just yet – and so a lot of business owners have to roll up their own sleeves and try copywriting for themselves.

Ultimately, I recommend outsourcing your copywriting to a professional writer if you believe you don’t have the right skills or your copywriting is not very effective.

If outsourcing and hiring a professional copywriter is on the table for you, then there are plenty of helpful softwares you can use in the meantime.

So, whether you are a professional copywriter looking for the best tools or a business owner who needs some help creating effective but efficient copies of writing for your business, here are the best softwares I believe can help you out.

Best AI Copywriting Software

Best AI Copywriting Software

The AI market is growing incredibly fast. The market is predicted to reach $62 billion by the end of 2022, and have an annual growth rate of 33.2% for the near future – but why?

One study found that introducing AI technology into business and organizations include benefits such as improved productivity, reductions in human error, and better business insights.

As a result, a lot of businesses are implementing AI into their business to help improve the quality of and reduce the take it takes to complete different tasks. One of these tasks is copywriting.

There are a lot of different AI software which can help businesses write content in a matter of minutes. While this may sound like a great solution, it’s worth mentioning that AI copywriting softwares are not 100% perfect.

You still need to edit and proofread, and some articles the AI creates can be intelligible. However, the benefits are great for business owners who cannot afford to hire a professional copywriter.

If you can afford to hire a professional copywriter and you find that the copywriting process is taking way too long, then a good AI copywriting software can help you out. It can speed up the process but it won’t necessarily make you a better writer.

So, as a disclaimer: AI copywriting software is an assistant, not a replacement.

I have written a previous article all about my top five AI writing softwares, but here is a quick rundown of all my picks so you can check them out and see if they are right for you.

In my previous article covering the five best AI writing softwares, was my overall favorite for many reasons. is a content platform which can help businesses complete their copywriting at a much faster pace.

It was designed by professional content marketers and copywriters who all know the copywriting process very well – and so they managed to create a copywriting AI that targets its main issues to offer fast and easy to use solutions.

It works by helping you write your own copies (be them blog posts, Instagram tag-lines, or marketing emails) but it also offers many other templates to help complete multiple functions.

There is a template that helps summarize the key points of pieces of text, which can cut down a copywriter’s research time, and a content improver template that takes a piece of content and helps you rewrite it to make it more engaging for your business.

It also reduces the chance of plagiarism by using a proprietary algorithm so any and all content is checked before it is published – a huge benefit that can keep your business’s reputation protected and reduce the chances of search engines like Google distrusting your website due to repeated content. is also designed to create all kinds of copies for multiple purposes. Blog posts, emails, social media posts, headlines – everything that a copywriter needs to write, can help do it quickly and to a high quality.

There’s also plenty of options for integration (including incredibly popular tools like Grammarly and Copyscape, both of which are valuable to business owners and copywriters alike), and a friendly Facebook community where you can find plenty of tips and tricks to make your experience all the more easy.

Customer’s Verdict

Not much has changed since I last researched the online opinion of After checking out more reviews and ratings, I’ve found that is still a really popular software choice among its customers.

Most of the reviews I found discussed how useful was as it improved their writing and helped them save a lot of time on the copywriting process.

Some reviews also brought up your also helped generate more ideas for content while still keeping things relevant in terms of keywords and topics.

So, is incredibly user friendly – but what about the complaints? What did users not like about

The main complaint I found users had for was the pricing. A lot of people complained about how large the jump in price is between the starter and ‘boss mode’ plans, and the enterprise plans.

Although offers a personalized price plan for larger businesses, users weren’t happy with how much extra they had to pay.

As a result, is extremely popular with hobbyists and businesses who want to write very short content (like product descriptions), as well as bloggers and content creators.

For large-scale operations, you need to be prepared to dig deep into your pockets.

My Verdict

Overall, I was very impressed with my experiences using

It was incredibly easy to use with a nice, clear user interface that I could navigate with ease. It was also packed with features, backed up by a great online community and creators who clearly know what they are doing.

It truly delivers when it comes delivering quality copywriting quickly – so it could be a huge lifeline to smaller businesses who just don’t have the time and resources to hire professionals or do it all themselves manually.


When I tried out Rytr, I noticed Rytr shared a lot of similarities to

It is also an AI writing assistant that helps copywriters produce high quality content in a much shorter time frame, but it works as a Google Chrome extension so you can have an AI writer with you as you write your emails, your social media posts – basically you can take Rytr with you to so many different platforms.

Some example platforms you can use Rytr on include Slack, Outlook, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, and so much more.

This also makes Rytr incredibly mobile friendly so you can complete your copywriting from any device, instead of having to keep going back to your office’s computer just to make a quick email. This really cranks up its convenience and helps make it super easy to use.

One of Rytr’s most useful features (in my opinion) is its SEO analyzer.

This helps you find the optimal keywords needed for SEO while also writing content that includes these keywords, rather than having to do your keyword research separately and then edit them over to your content. This makes it so convenient for marketers and copywriters.

It’s capable of being used for over 40 unique cases with many different templates to choose from to help you get the most out of this AI assistant.

It even offers over 20 tones of voice so you can write both professional emails to your clients while sharing fun and laid-back social media posts to help build a personal relationship with your customers on that platform.

Rytr also offers some amazing editing and proofreading services to help you clean up your writing and find better words and phrases. There’s also a built-in plagiarism checker so everything you upload and send is unique to help preserve your business’s reputation.

To try out Rytr yourself, I recommend you use the free plan as a trial to see if it’s the right AI copywriting software for you. If so, there are some really affordable paid plans you can use to upscale your business starting from just $9 a month!

Customer’s Verdict

Just like last time, Rytr has an amazing reputation online with plenty of positive reviews and high ratings.

These positive reviews mention how easy it is to use Rytr, and how convenient it is as it works with so many platforms and content purposes.

Most of the praise is assigned to the blogging templates and the social media templates, and how these templates help cut down on menial, repetitive tasks while still producing high quality writing.

This means that if you struggle to come up with great social media posts to upload regularly (as it’s so important to your SEO and business’s branding) then Rytr can help speed up the process and make it far less annoying for small business owners.

As for complaints, there are still a few points worth mentioning. Firstly, a few people have complained about how Rytr offers less credits per month compared to its competitors.

This depends on the plan you opt for, but it’s true that Rytr does fall behind its competitors in this category – you can get more words for the same monthly cost elsewhere.

However, there’s no denying that it’s a high quality software with great features and an affordable plan nonetheless.

My Verdict

I think that Rytr’s free plan should be a first-choice for anyone who wants to try out using an AI copywriting software for the first time. You can test it out, play around with the options available for no limited time, and all without paying a single cent.

The scalability options means that businesses can pay for what they intend to use and aren’t roped into a plan that costs too much for so little in return.

The fact that Rytr works as a Chrome extension also makes it incredibly valuable and easy to use, no matter what device you are working from or what kind of copywriting you plan on writing.

The final AI copywriting software I will mention here is hits all the same spots as and Rytr as it’s a great quality AI writing assistant that can improve your copywriting’s quality while reducing the time spent on the same tasks.

The AI really thrives when it comes to uses for social media, blogging, and emailing so it’s a great tool for marketing purposes. It can easily help streamline your content creation process while also allowing you to overcome writer’s block thanks to its ability to generate content ideas.

This is an extremely useful tool when it comes to social media marketing as 74% of consumers think that brands should post at least once or twice a day (although other guides recommend posting between three or five times a week if your business is not planning on using social media marketing to really push your branding).

So, works great and it even offers a free plan so you can test out and play around with it until you are ready to scale up to its paid plan.

Although the paid plan is arguably not the most affordable option out there for businesses, it does allow for unlimited words and four additional user seats.

Customer’s Verdict

Like my previous recommendations, has great online reviews and ratings with a lot of people praising how helpful the software is when it comes to all kinds of copywriting tasks.

Some recurring comments include how accurate is, how satisfying the results are, and how easy the user interface is.

All of these combine together to offer customers a great experience that can boost their productivity while providing their business with quality content and copies.

My Verdict

Using was a real treat as it helped make copywriting much quicker and easier – just as all great copywriting AI softwares should!

The features I loved best were the great free plan, its range of incredibly useful features, and how quick and high quality the results are.

Although it could improve in terms of scalability by offering more affordable plans and perhaps introducing more templates for copies such as white papers, it’s still a great AI software for businesses who want help when it comes to content creation and marketing.

Best Copywriting Research Software

Best Copywriting Research Software

Copywriting is not just about writing content such as blog posts or white papers – it also involves a lot of research.

The research step is what I find catches out a lot of business owners.

While you could have great literacy skills and feel really confident going into writing your own posts and content, finding the research and evidence to back up your posts (and supply your website with backlinks and statistics to help assert yourself as an authority in the field) can be a real pain.

Thankfully, there is a ton of great softwares out there that can help make this part of the copywriting process more efficient and effective. Here are some of my top recommendations – I hope you agree!


SEMrush is an incredibly well-known and popular software used for its SEO and SEM testing and tools (see also ‘Best SEO Software For Mac‘). Because of this, SEMrush also offers a ton of features that can be incredibly useful for copywriters.

This includes their in-depth keyword research features which allows copywriters to find the best keywords to focus their content around.

The research tool uses in-depth analysis to provide users with informative metrics such as the search volumes and recent trends. You don’t even have to use this feature for your own business’s website – you can use this to see your competitor’s keywords, content ideas, and their rankings.

This kind of research is incredibly valuable for marketers – and copywriters can use this to their advantage too.

So, for copywriters in particular, SEMrush offers great keyword research features and website analytics so you can see what is working with your copies and what isn’t. You can also track your competitors and your brand mentions to draw up comparisons.

This can provide you with incredible data to help you decide what content you need to start covering to catch up or keep ahead of competitors.

This is because SEMrush is all about analytics. Whether it’s keywords, your social media posts, or your website’s content, SEMrush can provide copywriters with insights that guide their future projects and work.

This means that you will feel more confident with your efforts and you should see them become more effective

Customer’s Verdict

SEMrush is easily one of the highly recommended softwares out there for business owners due to its great range of features and tools. As a result, SEMrush also has plenty of great ratings and reviews online.

There is a ton of praise for SEMrush’s social media tools, its keyword research features, and incredible reporting features to help businesses in many areas – including marketing and copywriting.

There are a few complaints to mention. This includes how there are limited features available for SEMrush’s lower priced plans.

This forces businesses to upscale when they feel they shouldn’t have to and end up having access to tools and features they don’t use just to access others.

There’s also a huge learning curve that comes with using SEMrush which can catch a lot of new business owners and marketers out.

If you stick to it, you will get more used to using SEMrush overtime but a lot of users like an easy interface they can get to grips with immediately to help boost their productivity.

My Verdict

SEMrush is great when it comes to SEO and marketing, thanks to its amazing analytic tools and features.

As a result, I already had a high opinion of SEMrush when going into this study – so I wasn’t too surprised when I was impressed with how useful it was from a copywriting point of view.

Finding effective keywords was simple and easy, and the ability to use these to generate great content ideas and compare my business’s competitiveness with others offered amazing insights to help inform my copywriting decisions.

Overall, SEMrush is a great all-round SEO tool that can be used to help support all kinds of marketing methods and strategies – including copywriting.


BuzzSumo is a great content marketing platform with plenty of features which can be a huge benefit to copywriters.

The first is its Discovery tool which allows its users to browse through tons of high-performing content to provide inspiration for copywriters.

This means that copywriters can choose from different styles of writing and the topics covered in the content, and then use this research to inform their future work.

This research also extends into competitor analysis so copywriters can also see how audiences respond to certain types of content along with how successful (or unsuccessful) a choice was for their competitors.

There are also tools to help provide SEO insights – including high demand keywords and popular headlines which can also help out copywriters when it comes to content and visibility.

BuzzSumo can even generate content ideas for you based on examples from their analysis and research so you don’t have to spend hours stuck behind a writer’s block.

Another great feature BuzzSumo offers is its ability to be used as a Google Chrome extension. This means that marketers and copywriters can research content on the go, revealing the influence behind each piece of content including backlinks and social shares.

This ability can help reduce the time spent on content research and opens up the possibility of examining any piece of content you find online.

Customer’s Verdict

BuzzSumo has plenty of great reviews and ratings online that speak for its great usability, usefulness, and simplicity when it comes to user interface.

Many praise how packed BuzzSumo is with different tools that help with content research, monitoring, and analysis.

This means that BuzzSumo offers plenty of ways for copywriters to find insightful information to help them find relevant keywords, content, backlinks and more – all of which can result in more effective copies that can boost a company’s revenue and branding.

When it comes to complaints, the most clear one is the price. BuzzSumo may be rich in content and features but they come with a price – a price a lot of small businesses and freelance copywriters may not want to pay.

My Verdict

As a research software for copywriters, BuzzSumo has a lot of useful features and potential. It can be a huge help when it comes to writer’s block thanks to its in depth keyword research and content analysis tools.

This makes it much more easy and efficient to find headings and content topics to cover for blogging purposes, as well as keywords that are proven to be effective for content such as product descriptions, social media, and even white papers.


This copywriting software is an incredibly useful tool for content and marketing research, allowing its users to find valuable insights to help them make more effective and informed decisions.

One tool that copywriters can benefit from includes the content monitoring options, where users can check out trending content to inspire their own.

You can even narrow down niches to specific locations, set alerts when your preferred keywords are trending, and discover new keywords that go beyond just headlines.

This means that copywriters can start producing relevant content which is sure to attract new audiences and could seriously boost the visibility of your business.

You can also assess and track your competitors, allowing copywriters to have even more insight into what is trending in a particular niche so they can stay competitive.

The data is real time so all the data you receive is up to date and relevant – which are vital for finding the right keywords for your content.

This means that copywriters who are creating content (mainly articles for blogs) can find trending keywords to help direct their content.

If you are looking for more supportive software when it comes to writing copies such as white papers, product descriptions, and marketing emails, then you are a little out of luck – but it’s a great resource for bloggers and social media marketers.

Customer’s Verdict

Compared to some of my previous recommendations, Social Animal has a smaller audience and this means that its pool of reviews and ratings are a lot smaller – but a majority of them still remain positive.

Overall, Social Animal still has the same great rating as the softwares mentioned previously but these ratings come from a smaller pool of ratings and reviews.

These positive reviews mainly praise Social Animal’s incredible ease of use and its user-friendly interface which makes it a great choice for beginners and small business owners.

The main thing that stood out to me was that some reviews compared Social Animal to BuzzSumo, mentioning that the two softwares had very similar features but Social Animal was the far more affordable option.

So, if you like the look of BuzzSumo but you are put off by the price, then Social Animal is a great alternative software for you to use.

As for complaints, some users would like to see Social Animal introduce more marketing features to increase its versatility but when it comes to content research, there’s no denying that Social Animal does a great job.

My Verdict

The comparison between BuzzSumo and Social Animal really stood out to me because once it was pointed out, I could see the similarities myself.

Like BuzzSumo, Social Animal is a really informative software that copywriters (and other types of marketers) could benefit from but it could benefit from the introduction of a few more features.

However, what Social Animal has to offer right now is still very valuable and the software is functional, user-friendly, and perfect for content-centered copywriters.

Best Copywriting Editing Software

Best Copywriting Editing Software

I mentioned earlier how spelling and grammar mistakes have a huge impact on your business. Because of this, editing is a huge part of the copywriting process.

The editing step of the copywriting process is not just about fixing grammatical mistakes and errors.

It’s also the step where copywriters can reassess the tone and structure of their copies, analyze the effectiveness of the keywords and headlines used, and check that their writing is clear to read and the right reading grade level for their audience.

It’s an incredibly in-depth and important step for copywriters – so having the right software to help this process can really boost a copy’s effectiveness and increase the efficiency of the copywriter’s time.

So, here are some great editing softwares which can benefit copywriters during their proofreading and editing processes.


Most people are already familiar with Grammarly due to its extensive marketing campaigns on popular platforms like YouTube, and it’s now used by over 30 million people.

It’s easy to see why – Grammarly is an effective AI-powered app that can help assist its users to create clear, mistake-free pieces of writing for all kinds of purposes.

As a result, it’s clear why so many copywriters could benefit from Grammarly. It not only helps highlight spelling and grammatical errors, but it also runs checks on your tone and style to help improve the overall readability and quality of your writing.

There’s even the option for a full-sentence rewrite tool to speed up your editing process.

For copywriters, there is also a plagiarism checker available to help ensure that you do not accidentally plagiarize from other copies out there – but this tool is only available with certain paid plans.

Grammarly does offer a very basic free plan which offers proofreading abilities and recommendations for tone and readability, but it does lack the additional features that can be really useful for copywriters.

Customer’s Verdict

Grammarly has a huge user base which has allowed it to gather tons of positive reviews and great ratings.

However, not all of Grammarly’s users actually use this software for business or marketing purposes – some people are just students who want to improve their essays, improve the quality of their emails, or use Grammarly for personal uses.

Despite this, the general consensus is that Grammarly works great as a spelling and grammar checker, plagiarism checker, and as an AI tool to help improve the quality of your written work.

However, there are two major complaints which regularly appeared in my research.

The first complaint was about how restrictive the free plan is with Grammarly and how it would be great to see some more features available there, and the the second complaint was about how aggressively Grammarly tries to upsell its users to their paid plans.

Aggressive upselling is something that can really ruin the experience of using a software, so this is something to be wary of.

My Verdict

As a writing assistant, Grammarly really does its job well – it checks your work for spelling and grammatical errors, it offers suggestions to help improve the quality and readability of your work, and the paid plan comes with a plagiarism checker that can be very useful to copywriters.

So, there’s no denying that Grammarly is definitely a software copywriters should consider using.

Hemingway App

Another great editing tool that is similar to Grammarly is the Hemingway App.

Hemingway App is a content editor which focuses more on improving the quality of your writing by offering more concise sentences, shorter works, and helps writers edit out any passive voice.

Basically, it helps copywriters have more control over the readability of their writing so they can adjust the reading grade to suit their audience’s preferences and needs.

After entering your draft, the app will highlight different areas of your copy that are hard or very hard to read, and highlight phrases which can be simplified.

The highlights are color-coded so it’s easy to see what has been highlighted and why, so there’s no room for confusion over why some sentences don’t work for the app.

Other than this, the Hemingway App is not very in depth and doesn’t have much more to offer – but it’s also free to use so you can quickly open a new tab in your browser and use it to check the readability of your final drafts.

There is the option to download the app so you can use it without an internet connection, and it only costs a one-time fee of around $20. So, it’s also super affordable!

Customer’s Verdict

The Hemingway App has generally good reviews and ratings online, although plenty of reviews bring up the lack of features available with this app.

However, considering that it’s free and easy to use, it’s not much of an issue. Some users even call it a ‘less robust’ version of Grammarly but it’s much easier to use as it lacks the need to sign up and make an account prior to using it.

My Verdict

For copywriters who don’t already have a writing assistant software like Grammarly, the Hemingway App is a great way to check the readability of your work. It’s so quick and easy to use as you just open up the link and get started straight away.

As it’s free to use, I really have no complaints. It’s a handy little tool that could be a huge help to copywriters.


Plagiarism is a big concern for copywriters, as the reliance on AI writing assistants and keyword research can sometimes accidentally lead to sentences being worded the exact same across different websites.

DupliChecker is a great tool to check for plagiarism to ensure that your copies are completely unique. This can keep your business legally safe from copyright infringement and strikes, plus search engines like Google will be more likely to trust your business’s website.

However, DupliChecker does offer more features other than a regular plagiarism checker.

It also offers a paraphrasing tool to help you reword texts for improved efficiency, a reverse image search to prevent the chances of plagiarizing images as well as texts, and basic grammar and spelling checking tools.

Customer’s Verdict

DupliChecker has a great online reputation, with lots of amazing ratings and reviews which praise the software’s ease of use and effectiveness.

It has clearly helped so many people improve their content – but nothing is perfect and there are a few cons to using DupliChecker.

The main complaint is that the free plan is incredibly limited as you can only check for a certain amount of words at a time – so if your copies contain more than 1,000 words, you have to break it up into smaller chunks to use the plagiarism checker.

My Verdict

Overall, I think DupliChecker is a great tool for copywriters, especially if you are worried about plagiarism.

It’s free to use but if you want to upgrade to one of the many paid plans to allow you to check more words, then good luck – the user interface on DupliChecker’s website is incredibly frustrating when trying to scroll through the different plans available.

Best Copywriting Feedback Software

Best Copywriting Feedback Software

Finally, I want to cover some softwares that copywriters can use to send their work to clients and ask for feedback.

These help make submitting your work and communicating with clients much easier and efficient – so it’s worth taking a look at the options below to see what’s on offer out there. is a visual-heavy platform which can help businesses streamline their workflow. This is done by making it much easier to plan, assign, and track your team’s work.

This means that copywriters can use to help manage their work and create direct channels of communication with their clients. This makes it much easier to receive feedback on your work as it’s all centralized through one platform.

Customer’s Verdict has a great online reputation thanks to how versatile and easy to use this software is.

A lot of users praise its user interface and range of apps and widgets, although there are a few complaints regarding lag and slow load times when the software is used by larger groups.

My Verdict

It’s great for copywriters who have multiple projects on the go at once, and super handy for businesses who have their own in-house team of copywriters.

Assigning and tracking different tasks and copies is super easy, and you can also communicate clear feedback to help ensure each copy is the exact level of quality clients want!


A great alternative to is nTask.

It’s a platform which allows for easy management over teams and projects, helps make collaborations simple, and assigning tasks to team members quick and easy. It’s also more affordable for small businesses and helps improve communication between clients and copywriters.

Customer’s Verdict

Overall, nTask has a lot in common with It has a very good online reputation with plenty of positive reviews and ratings, plus it’s super affordable which makes it great for small businesses and freelance copywriters.

As for complaints, a lot of users would like to see integration options with tools like Zoom to help improve communication channels even further. This could be a very handy improvement for nTask and hopefully, something they will look to implement in the future.

My Verdict

I think that nTask is a great affordable alternative to and a better fit for those working with smaller teams.

It’s still great in quality and has all the features that help improve communication between teams and clients, so it definitely can help make submitting copies and asking for feedback a much more efficient process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The 3 Common Mistakes A Copywriter May Make?

Nobody is perfect, and copywriters can make mistakes in their writing just like anyone else.

The most common mistake is most likely spelling and grammar mistakes because they are so easy to do and can be very difficult to catch, even after much editing and proofreading.

However, copywriters can make other mistakes such as writing copes that are too simplistic or too complicated for the target audience, writing in a too formal tone, and going overboard with adjectives and adverbs to try too hard to sell something to the readers.

There are a lot of mistakes a copywriter can make, but the three most common mistakes are spelling and grammar mistakes, writing for the wrong audience, and making their work too wordy and weak.

What Are The 6 Core Copywriting Skills?

It’s generally agreed that copywriters need multiple different skills in order for them to succeed, but what these skills are tend to differ from person to person.

However, most professional copywriters agree that the six core skills for copywriters are:

Research Skills – Copywriters need to gather a lot of information from different sources, but being able to find and evaluate those resources is vital to make sure you are using the right kind of information.

Adaptability – Freelance copywriters will be asked to write different kinds of content and copies, ranging in subject to form, so they need to be able to adapt very quickly.

Listening Skills – Like with being able to adapt to different content and topics, copywriters should also be able to understand their target audience and clients. This will help them keep their copies readable and written with the best keywords, style, and format to suit each audience. Plus, this will help ensure clients get the kind of content they want.

SEO Awareness – SEO plays an important role in content marketing, and so copywriters need to not only be aware of SEO but understand it in depth.

Time Keeping – Copywriters work to deadlines so in order to upload relevant content at the right time, copywriters need to have great time keeping skills.

Writing Skills – Finally, this skill is the most important for copywriters. They need to be able to write high quality content, with little to now errors or mistakes, that is readable and styles to suit its purpose.

What Types Of Copywriting Is Most In Demand?

There are lots of different types of copywriting but one of the most in-demand is B2B copywriting.

B2B copywriting is all about selling products and services to other businesses on behalf of another business, and comes in the form of white papers, case studies, and more.

Other incredibly in-demand types of copywriting includes content writing for marketing (in the form of blog posts, social media posts, infographics, etc), email copywriting (for email marketing), and brand copywriting which aims to improve brand awareness through different marketing efforts.

Final Thoughts

So, copywriting is an extremely important process for a lot of businesses – online and offline, big and small.

This means that a lot of businesses are either looking to hire a good professional copywriter or they want the best possible software and tools available to help them do it themselves.

As a result, I pulled together the above guide to help out those who want to use more copywriting to help their business but cannot hire a professional copywriter themselves just yet.

Alternatively, if you are a professional copywriter looking for the best softwares you could use in the future, then I hope the above guide has also helped you out!

Copywriting done right can have a huge positive impact on your business, so check out the softwares above and best of luck for your future copywriting endeavors!

By Ramunas Berkmanas

As a full-stack marketer, I have been actively involved in the digital marketing industry since 2014. Over the years, I have gained extensive experience in various areas such as SEO, media buying, and performance marketing. Read my story

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