Synology Chat Notifications Not Working [Solved]

Last updated on November 7th, 2022

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve been experiencing the same issue I have been with my Synology Chat Client, not sending notifications when I receive messages or am mentioned in a channel.

Well, after doing some digging, I found the root of the problem and, more importantly, the solution.

Synology chat notifications

You’re not getting notifications because Chrome has deprecated notification APIs from insecure origins (e.g., http://).

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This affects the Electron module1 on Synology Chat, which means that users connecting to Synology Chat Client via HTTP can no longer receive notifications.

But there’s an easy fix: all you have to do is connect via HTTPS connection. 

Connect via HTTPS connection

To do this, tick “Use HTTPS” on the sign-in page. Once you’ve done that, your notifications should start working again immediately. 

If not, there is one more step you can take. Install a free SSL certificate on your Synology device (see also, ‘How to Update Plex on Synology NAS‘) and synchronize with Let’s Encrypt.

Synology Chat Let’s Encrypt Free SSL certificate

Once you have done this, your notifications should work as expected without any issues.

So if you’re having trouble with your Synology Chat notifications, try the steps outlined above and let me know in the contacts if they worked for you.

And as always, happy chatting!​

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