What Are The Best Niches For Affiliate Marketing? (15 Amazing Niches To Try)

Last updated on November 28th, 2022

When it comes to monetizing your content channel, I have found that one of the easiest methods is affiliate marketing. The market is huge and is worth over $17 billion!

However, like with every business, affiliate marketing needs its own niche but at the same time, businesses will want to target ‘popular’ niches to reach the larger audience and earn the most commissions – but which niche is the most profitable? 

Which Niche Is Best For Affiliate Marketing

Here, I have compiled a list of all the best niches for affiliate marketing to help you find the right one for your business. 

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Why I Think Choosing The Right Niche Is Important 

To find the best affiliate marketing niche for your company, I strongly believe you need to choose a niche that best reflects your company and its interests. 

If Kim Kardashian started promoting science textbooks on her Instagram tomorrow, everyone will know that she’s being paid to do this and no one will trust her opinion on the product.

The same goes for your company – if you are running a blog about cooking, and you suddenly start promoting snow boots, then audiences will not only distrust your expertise but also this can damage your company’s reputation.

46% of consumers pay more for brands (and businesses) they trust so it’s important to make your consumers trust your business in order to boost revenue and sales.

Consistent representation of a brand also helps increase revenue by 33% and this extends to your content as well as your logos, color schemes, and products. 

So, my first step is to choose a niche that reflects the company’s brand. Choosing a niche just because it has the best revenue numbers even though it has nothing to do with your business can end up negatively affecting it overall. 

So, when you are checking out the top 15 niches for affiliate marketing I have found below, keep these things in mind as the most popular niche may not be suitable for you and your business. 

15 Best Niches For Affiliate Marketing

1. Health And Wellbeing 

The impact of COVID19 has been huge and left ripples in our society – and this can be clearly seen in what niches audiences are searching for online.

Over the past few years, we have seen more and more people search for products and services related to wellness, health, and lifestyle.

Peloton’s revenue surged by 66% in 2019 and the number of consumers using pre-recorded workout videos jumped from 17% in 2019 to 73% in 2020

Which Niche Is Best For Affiliate Marketing - Health And Wellbeing

This niche can be broken down into several sub-niches ranging from dieting, physical activity, preventing diseases and illness, to wellness habits.

Overall, the market value for health and wellness is estimated to reach $7 trillion globally by 2025, so why not get a piece of that pie while you can? 

An issue with trying to use health and wellbeing as your affiliate marketing niche is that, clearly, you need some expertise in the topic.

You will be giving medical advice to people who will need it – and one wrong piece of advice can completely break your customers’ trust in your expertise. 

2. Fashion

Fashion is a very mainstream niche, and this means there’s a lot of competition out there for you to battle with for those top search results spots.

57% of fashion and beauty companies use influencer marketing and 18.7% of all affiliate programs are in the fashion industry, so it’s easy to see why it’s so successful. 

Luckily, fashion is a very broad topic and this can be broken down into tons of different sub niches. This means you should be able to find a high volume sub-niche with little competition. 

Plus, fashion has a ton of different products you can use in your affiliate marketing. The demand is always there as trends are constantly changing.

So, I’d really recommend only getting into this niche if you have an eye for style and fashion yourself. 

3. Travel

Another impact from COVID19 is that a lot of people were forced to stay at home. Now, those same people are looking to make up for lost time and want to travel as much as possible. 

This is great news for the travel industry and already, the industry is beginning to recover – but there’s still a long way to go. If anything, COVID19 has proven how unpredictable this industry is and so, you may want to choose a niche with more stability. 

However, the travel niche has definitely seen a huge boost in searches for terms including hotels, flights, travel agency, and more.

I have found from past projects that having a good content strategy is the key to being a success in this niche – so try local destinations to help boost your traffic, and affiliate yourself with travel businesses or booking websites like Booking.com. 

Which Niche Is Best For Affiliate Marketing - Travel

4. Technology

Technology is one of the fast growing (see also, ‘How to Invest and Make Money ‘Fast’‘) industries as the COVID19 sped up digitalization and more people are looking to work remotely or start their own online business.

Today, there are over 5 billion internet users and more people want to profit off that than ever. 

This niche has some of the best affiliate programs out there. Hosting services (see also, ‘Best WordPress Hosting Convesio‘) like HostGator and Bluehost offer great affiliate programs for businesses to benefit from.

So, think about which of these sub-niches you are most confident in and use it as your business’s affiliate marketing niche. 

5. Education

The COVID19 pandemic also led to a boost in people searching. In 2016, Coursera only had 21 million students but by the end of 2021, they had 92 million.

As a result, the education niche has grown in just a short space of time and affiliate marketing programs in this niche have also seen a boost, especially for online learning platforms and tutors. 

6. Personal Finance

Finance has seen a huge boost in volume in recent years due to recent hardships. In 2022, the number of Americans who were financially healthy dropped to 31% from 34% in the previous year. This means that more people are looking for financial help and advice. 

Of course, you will need a vast well of knowledge but you can cover topics ranging from investments (see also, ‘What do Rich People Invest in?‘), savings, coupons, cryptocurrency, pensions and more.

It’s important that you know your stuff or you could end up ruining your consumer’s trust by giving false advice.

7. Gaming

Which Niche Is Best For Affiliate Marketing - Gaming

Gaming has become one of the most popular hobbies around the world with 2.69 billion gamers world wide. So, it has become a great affiliate marketing niche you can try out.

Not only can you promote games but gaming platforms, online gaming influencers, and eSport tournaments. 

8. Home Decor

This niche is a fast growing yet super fun one to try out for affiliate marketing. The industry is predicted to grow by 20% in the next two years so there’s definitely an audience out there.

Some examples of affiliate marketing you can use for a home decor business include product reviews, guides, and tips for different styles of homes ranging from rustic, minimalist, modern and more. 

9. Food

Food is another popular yet competitive niche for affiliate marketing but luckily, there are also tons of sub-niches you can try out.

Finding affiliate programs is also incredibly easy – here’s a whole list of them that you can use for your food blogs or businesses. 

10. Pet Care

During the COVID19 pandemic, 78% of pet owners got a pet or two to help staying at home feel less lonely and stressful.

This can explain the boost in searches for pet care and advice in recent years – and this can be a niche for your business to get into. 

Which Niche Is Best For Affiliate Marketing - Pet Care

Finding affiliate products may be tricky but consider pet furniture, food manufacturers, training programs, and more.

Pets are especially popular on social media platforms (everyone loves funny cat videos, after all) so this is a great way to generate traffic too. 

11. Gardening

Due to COVID19, there has been a rise in hobbyist gardeners. A UK study revealed that more than 7 million people took up gardening during the pandemic – and that’s just the UK!

This also means that there have been more searches for plants, landscaping, and gardening topics.

In terms of affiliate marketing, you can cover a range of gardening products and tools while publishing content ranging from reviews, guides, and tips.

12. Beauty 

LIke with fashion, beauty is a very wide niche with a lot of competition but offers a ton of different sub-niches for you to specialize in.

This includes skin care, beauty routines, cosmetic brands, and more – so it’s very easy to find affiliate products to promote! 

13. Sports

Which Niche Is Best For Affiliate Marketing -Sports

Sports is a tricky one because it has so much potential (14.60% of affiliate programs fall into this category) but I’ve seen a lot of businesses struggle to stick to just one niche.

So many people love a range of sports and each sport comes with its own stars, equipment, gear, merchandise, and more – so it’s very easy to spread yourself too thinly when running a sports blog or website. 

I find that it’s best to pick just one sport – one you’re passionate about and know a lot about. This way, you will enjoy running your business and also give some great insights into the niche yourself. 

14. Art

Another hobbyist niche is art but it’s very easy to fall into an art niche that is too complex for someone who is not all that into art.

However, it’s still a great niche that you can use to cover lots of topics and products. From art supplies, online courses, museums to visit, there’s tons of different affiliate programs you can take advantage of through this niche.

For example, platforms like Skillshare offer great affiliate programs and a lot of art-related courses. 

I’d still only recommend this niche to hobbyists who know a lot about the niche. 

15. Luxury Brands

This final niche is another tricky one because affiliate marketing luxury items such as expensive jewelry, yachts, brands, and more, requires a big budget. It’s also tricky to find the right audience. 

A lot of people love to browse expensive things they cannot afford so even though luxury brands get a high search volume, it will be difficult turning those views into clicks and purchases.

However, luxury brands offer some great affiliate programs with commissions ranging from 4-9% on goods worth hundreds of dollars. 


So, there are lots of different niches you can choose from for your business. I hope the list above has helped inspire you to find the right one for your business! Thanks for reading! 

By Ramunas Berkmanas

As a full-stack marketer, I have been actively involved in the digital marketing industry since 2014. Over the years, I have gained extensive experience in various areas such as SEO, media buying, and performance marketing. Read my story

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